Monday, May 10, 2010

Eparistera Daimones by Triptykon

As you know by now this is basically the album that would have been made if Celtic Frost had stayed together. I also can tell you that this album kicks some serious ass. Tom Fischer can continually write creative and catchy songs that just ache for multiple listens. The classic guitar sound is still there(thank you) and you really can't do anything while listening to this except bang your head and honestly what else would you want to do besides bang your head, sit there with your headphones on with a box of tissues(I know what you're thinking and eww) and weep at how sad and heartbreaking this shit is because it isn't. The best thing for you to do is crank it and just start punching people in the back of the head in hopes to start a mosh pit. My personal favorite song is Goetia. The way the drums and guitar just coincide with each other throughout the whole song is just awe-inspiring. Anyways, I really don't know what you're still doing reading this, just go out and by this so you can give it a listen as I'm sure you will truly enjoy it.

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