Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 Releases I'm Excited For

The One Album That Excites Me Over All Others

Pig Destroyer - TBA  
Is there any more anticipated album this year than whatever Pig Destroyer puts out? No. I can't wait to see what Scott Hull and Co. have planned for the follow-up to the phenomenal album, Phantom Limb.

Albums That Are High On My List of Anticipation

Primordial - The Puritan's Hand
Ever since I heard the song "The Coffin Ships" on the album "The Gathering Witness" I've been hooked to Primordial, and not to mention their previous album, "To The Nameless Dead" was a masterpiece in its own right.

Tombs - Path of Totality
"Winter Hours" was really good, but it had just a little something missing. Hopefully they hit it on this release coming in spring.

Down - Down IV
Hopefully Phil Anselmo and the rest of the supergroup known as Down don't disappoint after "Over the Under" like they did after NOLA.

Yob - TBA
Having gotten better as they have progressed album to album expectations are high for Mike Scheidt.

Vreid - V
I was a little disappointed with "Milorg" but it mainly wasn't the music or the mood that it put me in, mainly it was because the lyrics weren't sung in their native tongue which is what made "I Krig" so god damn good. Due out early 2011.

Rotten Sound - Cursed
In '08 "Cycles" really surprised me. I figured the absence of Kai Hahto would possibly doom the band after he left for Wintersun. Nope, very interested to see whats in store. Due out March 15th.

GridLink - Orphan
This is the album that is probably second in terms of excitement this year. Jon Chang is my favorite grinder since Mieszko Talarczyk. Discordance Axis, Hayaino Daisuki, and now GridLink that's an impressive career if there ever was one.

The Best Of The Rest

Morbid Angel - TBA
Napalm Death - TBA
Origin - TBA
Touche Amore - TBA
Trap Them - Darker Handcraft
Municipal Waste - TBA
Total Fucking Destruction - TBA
Obscura - Omnivium
Exhumed - All Guts, No Glory
Red Fang - TBA
Millions - Failure Tactics
Hammers of Misfortune - TBA
Witchcraft - TBA
Agnostic Front - TBA
Decapitated - TBA
My Dying Bride - Evinta
Samael - TBA
Unholy Cadaver - TBA
Engel - Threnody
Kryoburn - Three Years Eclipsed
Crowbar - Sever the Wicked Hand
Amon Amarth - Surtur Rising
Disma - TBA
Krallice - TBA
Oxbow - King of the Jews
Goatwhore - TBA
Brutal Truth - TBA
The Red Chord - TBA
J. Bannon - Wear Your Wounds
Amon - Liar in Wait
Baroness - TBA
Cave In - White Silence
Cretin - TBA
Evoken - TBA
Fleshgod Apocalypse - TBA
The Fucking Wrath - TBA
The Gates of Slumber - TBA
Genghis Tron - TBA
Goes Cube - In Tides and Drifts
Hull - TBA

DVD Releases That Will Get You Wet
Converge - Thousands of Miles Between Us
The Dillinger Escape Plan - TBA
In Flames- TBA

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